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Stoneware (slipcast)
14x5x5cm each, 60 pieces in total

Frames consists of 60 ceramics models which were made using the technique of slip casting. Through making one cast every day during a period of time, the artist experimented with the materiality of slip as well as the element of time in this work.

The artist uses the casts as her 3D diary which recorded her mental activities of that period. During the everyday making process of the casts, she decided the color combinations and the methods applied for casting according to her emotions and feelings that day. She explored the ink painting effect of the slip casting and used it as a poetic and abstract language to discover and present her psycho landscapes.

Each cast shares part of the artist's identity. She regards them as herself at different points in time. The models were made in the gestures of turning their heads and gazing toward one direction, which creates a silent conversation between the viewers and the artworks.

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