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Silicone, acrylic and light box

The artwork focuses more on the deconstruction and reconstruction of the memory of place. The artist collected patterns from places in the city of Dongguan, China that she grew up and emotionally attached to and make molds of them using the material of silicone.

The final work contains three maps constructed by the patterns of different places. The silicone pieces carry the materials collected from the original sites, which create the illusion of streets and buildings on the map while looking from a far distance and present the most direct and truthful details of the actual places when the audience take a close look. The audience are invited to have a “palm reading” of the place through this work and form new discussions on different perspectives of place.


What's more, as we are currently living under the pandemic era, people might have fewer chances to go out and experience the different places in person, which might also bring new perception of the work for the audience.

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